Executive Search is a solution used to recruit high-level professionals by directly reaching out to qualified individuals in C-level and C-level-1 positions.

The search for the ideal Top Management Candidates begins with careful specification of the Client's needs. The RICG Executive team builds and consistently executes a recruitment strategy to find and hire the best qualified and motivated candidates.

The Executive Search recruitment tools used by our team are:
  • Market analysis – benchmarking, market screening;
  • Head Hunting – sourcing candidates with key skills;
  • Sourcing and Networking – the process of exchanging information in a business network;
  • Competency-based interview – a form of interviewing that enables analysis of a Candidate's level of competence and attitudes based on their current experience;
  • 360° references – obtaining feedback on the effectiveness of the assessed person's behavior and competencies among people from the candidates' professional environment.
  • Various types of tests tailored to individual client’s needs and project specificity.


With Executive Search you get:
  • To maintain full confidentiality of recruitment.
  • Comprehensive examination of references.
  • Professional candidate evaluation.
  • Highly effective recruitment process with the highest standards.

Executive Search recruiting is performed by our consultants with extensive business experience from multinational corporations, so we are able to respond to your top executive development needs.