Tuesday, 24.05.2022

Don't look up - a warning for managers?

Don't look up - a warning for managers?

➡Many of you have surely seen the movie Don't Look Up. You may or may not have liked it, but it cannot be ignored because it raises an important issue, not only of the climate catastrophe, superficiality of thinking but also common indifference when it comes to key issues in private and professional life. We fail to pay attention to the important things in our lives because we are busy with more important ones. In the life of a manager it is very easy to overlook important things in the company, especially such "sensitive" issues as the mood of the employees.

➡The title of the film can be interpreted in various ways. I look at it from the point of view of a headhunter, especially one responsible for executive search. And to every manager I would perversely say, "Don't look up, look down. " In addition to focusing only on goals, targets and results, look below at what's going on in your team, what the mood is, the level of engagement and do not forget to give frequent feedback. Soft skills translate into employee engagement and thus, to a large extent, into better turnover rate.

➡International surveys confirm that about 60% of people who feel that their work is respected and valued say they are unlikely to think about leaving their company. In addition, they are more willing to make bold decisions and are not afraid of creative ideas - all of which can be important sales drivers. This approach is fostered by good recruiting but later by the company culture.

➡It's hard to engage employees, though,  if you don't recruit good managers. And this is a  task for people like me or specialized RICG consultants. The right tools help not only to verify and confirm specific hard skills, but also to a large extent to recognize soft skills that are particularly important to the organization and its culture. In your company ou can take on someone like Meryl Streep or Jonah Hill, who, devoid of empathy, indifferent to others, pursue their own goals, or it could be a leader who delivers results but also watches what's happening below and notes down  the ideas of people like Leonardo Di Caprio and Jennifer Lawrence (who performer brilliantly, by the way).

And how did you like the movie?