Thursday, 18.04.2019

The advantage of Direct Search in recruitment

        Do you face a challenge of finding a high-class specialist for your company? Then you already know that the standard methods used in recruitment and selection will not work for you. So what should you use in order to find that ideal candidate?

What is the direct search method?

        In Polish, the term "direct search" literally stands for "poszukiwanie bezpośrednie". Thus, this method is based on the direct search for mid-level managers as well as key specialists who possess the skills, competences and experience required by the company in a specific industry or environment. In most cases such people are not currently looking for new employment. They are often afraid of changes, loyal to the employer or bound by obligations to their current company. That is why the direct search method is used for the most demanding positions in the company.

What are the effects of using the direct search method in the recruitment process?

        The ideal candidate you want to hire will bring knowledge, competences, experience and contacts to your company. All this will translate into the success of your organisation. In addition, you will reduce the costs associated with recruitment and will significantly accelerate the entire recruitment process. However, this method has one more important advantage - discretion. Companies using the direct search method make every effort to ensure that all their operations are strictly confidential. Thanks to this, it is possible to hide the fact of looking for an employee from competition, which may be seen as a temporary weakness of your business. What is more, it is possible to recruit an effective employee while maintaining a good relationship with the company with which he or she parts. That is why selected candidates are only presented with information which is absolutely necessary to arouse their interest in a given position, and a close contact with the person conducting the search allows to immediately dispel all doubts.

Where to find a perfect candidate with direct search?

        Anyone who has something to do with the HR industry will say that social media, in particular LinkedIn, are best for establishing a direct contact. The service allows you to find out what positions we are dealing with in particular companies and what requirements they entail. It also allows you to contact a potential candidate who can meet the expected requirements.  On the Internet you can also find online business cards of specialists with whom you might want to make contact. However, if we care about discretion, it is better to move away from the Internet and start offline activities. The contacts that a consultancy conducting direct search recruitment possesses may turn out to be very valuable. It is relatively easy to get a telephone contact to the person with whom you want to meet. A short coffee or lunch meeting is the best way to present a proposal for cooperation and get to know the candidate and his needs. Only through offline activities we can be sure we are not leaving any traces.

        Searching for an ideal candidate using the direct search method is not always an easy task. It should be undertaken only by a person with extensive knowledge and experience in the method. Contacts and knowledge of the market and industry are also vital. In order to fully ensure the success of the recruitment process, it is advisable to collaborate with a consulting company that has a researcher who perfectly knows the market and an experienced consultant who knows how to deal with candidates. If you are interested in recruiting based on this method, do not hesitate to contact us. Together, we will take care of the development and security of your business.