Tuesday, 02.04.2019

Well-being. What distinguishes a company where the best people want to work?

        For the purposes of this article, you will play the role of an employee of a large Warsaw company. You have a job where you feel fulfilled and appreciated. A job that gives you the opportunity to develop professionally and personally and that gives you and your family that important sense of security. Every day, the boss notices your commitment and contribution to the projects you are on. What's more, he remembers your name. The atmosphere at work makes you want to get up in the morning willingly. You have a great team with which you can move mountains. Sounds impossible? Yet that is exactly what we refer to as well-being.

        According to the Delloite study, "The rise of the social enterprise. 2018 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends ", well-being takes on more and more importance. Employees expect an increase in the benefits offered by their company. The most frequently mentioned needs are health, physical, spiritual and financial services. Despite the fact that companies are trying to invest in well-being programs, there are still discrepancies between the values ​​that employees expect and those provided by companies.

How much does the employer's well-being strategy cost?

        It is worth emphasizing that creating a company that employees will love does not necessarily have to mean huge budgets and complex ideas. To meet the needs of employees and not incur big costs, simply conduct a short survey or an interview with the team. Based on the results, one of the most frequently appearing answers can be proposed:

  • flexible working hours that will allow you to combine the role of an employee and a parent dropping off children at school, your passions and interests with professional duties,

  • remote work (home office), e.g. once a week. This solution is particularly important in case of co-work offices. The employee can individually and in privacy deal with duties that require high concentration and focus on the details,

  • the opportunity to participate in sports activities that will help reduce the feeling of stress in employees as well as to promote their fitness and health. This can contribute to a reduced number of illnesses in the company,

  • a multisport card that allows not only various types of physical activity, but also the use of city bikes. Getting there, as well as returning from work on a city bike is a good example of taking care of the environment, limiting late arrivals at work due to "traffic jams" as well as taking care of the condition and health of an employee,

  • creating a special space in the office where employees are able to break away from work and rest promotes their efficiency. The best solutions for your organisational dilemmas arise when tensions caused by stress factors are reduced.

The advantages of employees' well-being in the company.

        Satisfying their basic needs allows you to retain your valuable employees in the company and reduce their transition to competition, thereby reducing the cost of potential recruitment and onboarding. What is more, we can have an impact on increasing the efficiency and commitment of employees, which translates directly into a rise in company's performance and reduction of stagnation. The actions we take to improve the comfort of our employees have a huge impact on his attitude to work. As a result every task assigned to an employee can be treated now as a new challenge and not as an annoying duty.