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Employee experience - how to manage employee experience?

Employee experience - how to manage employee experience?
        It is 13:00, unofficial lunch time at your company. You go to the kitchen, reheat the food prepared the night before and sit down at the table pulling out the phone out of habit. You log on LinkedIn and quickly scroll through the information displayed on the newsfeed. And then you suddenly see a very authentic and positive entry from a team from one of the leading companies in Poland. Wondering what it is like to work for such a company? This entry is a perfect example of the effect of caring for a positive employee experience in a company. Managing the experience of the company's most valuable resource – employees - is one of the factors that have a positive impact on the company's development.
What is employee experience?
        Employee Experience, also known as EX, is a look at the company through the eyes of its employee in relation to each of the company's areas of activity. Unfortunately, most companies still treat employees only as executors of top-down instructions, often without taking into account their input for the company's development. Such employees have no influence on the policy and the way the organization operates. According to a Gallup report from 2017, only 15% of employees feel involved in the life of their company. The remaining part is defined as "poorly committed" or "not at all", which significantly affects their motivation to work and engagement. However, the market and pressure from competitors are constantly shaping new trends and enforcing a change in approach towards employees. It's time to take care of the relationship at the employer-employee level.
The impact of employee experience on in-company relationships.
        Thanks to the aforementioned relation, employees shape the work environment, are responsible for streamlining processes and for co-creating the company's organizational culture. As a result, they are more likely to identify with the company, their motivation increases and, above all, they feel an integral part of the organization.
       This management model offers mutual benefits - the employer receives motivated, reliable and committed employees who want to work and improve their qualifications. Employees, on the other hand, can constantly develop, self-fulfill and strive to set goals that are consistent with the company's strategic objectives. Employee experience is not a ready solution or a strategy that can be implemented overnight. It is a process in which the challenges faced by the organization, defining the needs of employees, as well as considering possible solutions that will satisfy both sides and the real way of their implementation should be thoroughly analyzed.
For this to happen, be aware that EX works in three main areas:
  • Technology that employees use in their daily work.
  • Environment  in which they operate.
  • Organizational culture which prevails in the company.
        From the point of view of employees, it is in these areas that there are elements corresponding to their most important needs, such as development, partnership treatment or flexible working time.
Employee experience, and team involvement
        Exploiting the potential of EX is based on actively listening to the opinions of employees and their ideas on improving the activities and processes in the company. It is also crucial to check the response to the solutions proposed and implemented in the organization. Clearly, this is the opposite process to the one that still functions in many enterprises - imposing pre-arranged solutions and obliging employees to follow the procedures implemented to the letter. Therefore, the key to success is to understand the needs, feelings and values ​​of an involved employee, as well as to enable them to co-create the policy and processes in the organization.
        How many times have you encountered the situation when a grocery store employee, where you do shopping every morning, told you openly about the problems of his employer? Every person employed in the company is its showcase because it represents the company among clients, partners, co-workers, but also at home during a family dinner he or she talks about what happened  at work today.
        If you are at the stage of implementing a positive employee experience in your company and you want your employees at every level to feel satisfaction with their work, contact us and we will be happy to help you plan the implementation process of EX.