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How does the atmosphere at work affect the effectiveness of employees?

How does the atmosphere at work affect the effectiveness of employees?
        Suppose during your holiday on the Baltic Sea, you've made an appointment with your best friend who left for Tri-City for work six months ago. Google maps shows that you are a minute away from the cafe where you are supposed to meet. From a distance you can see a familiar face. You feel the growing excitement of such a long-awaited meeting. However, when you approach a cafe garden in which your friend is sitting, in front of you there is a  tired and irritated person in a very bad mood. In the very first three sentences of his talk, you find out that he survived another day at work, and tomorrow he must return there again. Wondering how he can work in a place where the concept of a good working atmosphere does not exist?
Positive work atmosphere.
        A friendly atmosphere at work lies above all in a good relationship between employees and their supervisors. It consists of such elements as:
  • mutual help,
  • cooperation,
  • lack of unhealthy competition (‘rat race’),
  • a sense of equal treatment.
        Employees identify with the company more when they feel a part of it. It is the atmosphere at work that affects the level of stress of colleagues. In addition, people are more likely to come willingly to a workplace which is not associated with something negative and where they have a good team. By achieving this effect, employees become more effective, their efficiency, creativity, as well as commitment and initiative are improved. When we add motivation to this mix, we'll get a perfect recipe for company development.
        Surely it is much easier for you to work and perform less-loved duties when you have a positive attitude. However, it is not easy to do if the relationships and moods at work are uncertain. Clashes, rumors and quarrels among the team, or unequal treatment of employees by superiors, will not bring anything good. Work is a significant element of everyone's life. Both our work and our sleep take up most of our daytime. In addition, after leaving the office and returning home, we are still thinking about our to-do list.
        Among other things, it is worth to make sure that the workplace is associated with something good, nice and positive. According to the report which was carried out by, as many as 65% of Poles think that the atmosphere in the company may become the reason for resigning from it, even if we do not have an alternative job offer.
        A good atmosphere is not strategies, regulations, or even procedures. It is not a system that can be implemented overnight. This is an initiative that has to come from both sides because every person in the company plays an equally important role in the upcoming change. Thanks to our behavior, positive attitude and maintained relationships - we have a strong impact on the final effect and often on the organizational culture of the company. The reason for the bad atmosphere is always in one place - inside the company. It is rare when external factors affect it. The adopted business strategy of the company must – reliably and comprehensively - take into account interpersonal relationships, the treatment of people, or communication between them in order to maintain a positive atmosphere at work. Constant examination and monitoring of emerging problems or conflicts will definitely facilitate the pursuit of the goal.
What affects  good working atmosphere?
  • Empathy, kindness and personal culture of the team.
  • Appropriate communication between people.
  • Clarity of structures and appropriate division of duties.
  • Equality, regardless of gender, religion, age, skin color and position.
  • Quick resolution of conflicts.
  • Team integration.
  • Good contact with the employer.
  • The right motivation system.
  • Benefits.
        Obtaining the desired atmosphere in the company is a huge investment that will pay off in the form of team's efficiency and effectiveness. In addition, it will reduce the level of absenteeism at work, will significantly affect employees' involvement in the life of the company and, as a consequence, will translate into its results and achieving set goals. If you would like to talk about researching the atmosphere in your own company or recruiting employees with an emphasis on the personality and character of your work, to best identify with the company's organizational culture, please write to us.