Monday, 22.06.2020

3 Methods of integrating employees during the pandemic

        3 months ago no one would think about integrating employees online. However, nowadays, many companies have decided to start working from home or they have even been forced to that. For most people remote work seemed to be a desire for freedom, freedom of choice and making decisions abouthow and when they work. But it turned out that the reality is completely different. Bringing yourself to work at the home office is difficult and requires much more sacrifice, than anyone thought. For people who need to stay in touch with others, it’s very difficult to resign from working in the office. It’s also not easy for employees who don’t have conditions to work effectively from home. However, introverts who like peace and quiet much more than office noises, can definitely be more productive in this isolation.

        Self-discipline and motivation are necessary for remote work. Every employer and leader had to face the challenge of integrating his team online. Staying in contact with coworkers and superior plays an important role in reaching set targets. Activities which create and maintain relationships between people are crucial. Integration is not only motivation but also mutual support and assistance. Employees should have friendly relationships with each other, otherwise lack of them can negatively affect on functioning and efficiency of the company.We all know that it’s the best option to work with someone we like not only at the office but also in private life.

How to integrate a team of employees online?
Below we offer 3 methods how to integrate teams of employees, that are unable to meet face-to-face. These ideas will ensure that relations between employees won’t disappear but will become stronger.  
#1 First of all - rituals and traditions!
        Continuation of rituals and traditions, which took place in the office before pandemic, will let the employees find themselves in the new situation. If you were celebrating coffee or lunch break together, now you can do it through video call. If you use slack or discord it’s the right time to crate your own channel “kitchen” there! It can be a common space for everyone who wants to talk to each other about their work and everything else. Only 15-30 minutes is enough to tell about your struggles and to get some motivation from others.
#2 Online games - not only for the youngest
        If meetings after hours or hanging out on weekends were your tradition… do not give them up! Although you can’t recreate the climate of live meetings, such as bowling games or watching movies in the cinema but you can try to look for some substitutes. Playing online games through video communicator is a good option to relax after work, spend freetime together, and have fun together.
#3 Real-life motivation in 3… 2… 1…!

        It’s a good idea to encourage colleagues to share their successes from private lives. A lot of them have probably tested new recipes or started to do sports such as jogging or cycling. There are also people who read their favourite books or watch movies. This is why you should stay in touch and recommend new exercises, books and films with each other. Let’s share what’s valuable and we will never lose motivation.

If you want to draw inspiration from these costless methods, you should take into account the number of employees you want to integrate.The smaller group of people, the easier the contact is. However, the bigger group of people, the more interesting relations are! :)

No matter how many employees you employ, focus on integration. Building real, friendly relationships between employees is the key to effective work, great team and above all- success of your business.

Take care of them!