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Is a new employee always better off?

Newly recruited workers often have higher salaries than those with longer experience. True or false? True… .

read more Wednesday, 09.11.2022

Promotion by… acquisitive prescription is a common mistake of employers

While I have been observing the labour market for years – both small and medium-sized companies - I have been noticing, time and again, a phenomenon that I have called ’promotion by seniority'. Why is this a mistake and what are the consequences? If you think that the promotion of a senior employee is always a motive for further development, you might be surprised.

read more Friday, 14.10.2022

Why do so many managers become managers by chance?

Many managers don’t want to manage and take responsibility for people. . . Sounds strange? A bit improbable? Unfortunately it’s not uncommon. It is particularly noticeable among middle-rank managers. Contrary to appearances, therefore, it is not easy for employers to find a good manager to who will lead a team efficiently.

read more Thursday, 07.07.2022

Don't look up - a warning for managers?

Many of you have surely seen the movie Don't Look Up. You may or may not have liked it, but it cannot be ignored because it raises an important issue, not only of the climate catastrophe, superficiality of thinking but also common indifference when it comes to key issues in private and professional life. We fail to pay attention to the important things in our lives because we are busy with more important ones. In the life of a manager it is very easy to overlook important things in the company, especially such "sensitive" issues as the mood of the employees

read more Friday, 28.01.2022

If you expect hybrid work will keep your employees, you may be surprised

Market crisis, inflation and uncertainty should theoretically help to keep employees with the company and encourage lower turnover. Especially when we, as an employer, give employees flexibility, offer hybrid work, a choice of location from which they want to do their jobs and offer other benefits. A proven employer in theory means more security.

read more Tuesday, 24.05.2022

Work and mental health

Job seekers are increasingly looking for an employer who finds it important to support the employee in the area of the broadly understood mental health. During the COVID outbreak, many people sought help to maintain balance in their lives. An increase in the number of workers suffering from depression caused by severe stress or anxiety may be a consequence of the epidemic and its challenges. On the other hand, imagine how many millions of working days are lost each year and how many people give up work due to poor mental health.

read more Wednesday, 15.12.2021

The HR industry's biggest challenges. Are there any?

Challenges and problems are an important part of life that give us experience, allow us to learn, and help us become wiser and stronger. Challenges make us change, gain experience and allow us to grow. We also deal with them in many business areas. What is difficult to predict affects many industries. HR is an area where we observe a lot of changes and, most importantly, we react to them.

read more Wednesday, 17.11.2021

A recruitment interview with a bot or a human?

read more Monday, 13.09.2021

Why storytelling can increase your chances in the job market?

read more Friday, 27.08.2021