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A recruitment interview with a bot or a human?

read more Monday, 13.09.2021

Why storytelling can increase your chances in the job market?

read more Friday, 27.08.2021

How to increase visibility of your LinkedIN profile to recruiters?

read more Monday, 10.05.2021

8th HR Arena online conference organised by G2A Arena

We invite you to the HR Arena online conference on Friday, 22 January at. 11:00. Organised by G2A Arena.

read more Thursday, 21.01.2021

"Employer branding begins and ends within the organization?"

Building the employer image at a time when it was extremely difficult to find good employees has become a standard. What will employer branding look like after the pandemic? This question is answered by, among others. Paulina Łączek-Ciećwierz, CEO of RICG for

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"Flexible forms of employment - inevitable?"

With a view to the digital future and the evolution of work towards remote working, project-focused work, multitasking - should the forms of employment be made more flexible? How to do that? These questions are answered, among others, by Paulina Łączek- Ciećwierz- CEO of RICG for

read more Thursday, 07.01.2021

How to do well during an online job interview?

Job interviews in times of the pandemic take place mostly online via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex and many other platforms. The way a candidate prepares for an interview shows their respect for the potential employer. Therefore, it is worth remembering that both substantive and technical preparation (working equipment and the ability to operate the platform through which we connect), as well as neat appearance are very important. In fact, all the rules for a live job interview also apply online.

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Home Office - a benefit that has become a new reality

Covid-19 pandemic caused that working from home was a surprise for many companies while for others it accelerated the trend that had already been visible for some time. If it were not for the coronavirus, the popularity of working from home would be gradually growing anyhow over the next years be it under the pressure of the demands from the young, mobile generation or those of global digitization. Just before the pandemic, the research done among others by PwC has shown that 70% of millenials want to be able to choose where they will perform their professional duties. It was one of the key benefits.

read more Wednesday, 09.09.2020

Candidate Experience in times of crisis. Why is it so important?

Nowadays, not only recruiters are demanding, but candidates also. Both can shape their opinion based on what they experienced firsthand. That’s why Candidate Experience is so important in recruitment processes. This concerns not only opinion about the recruiter or employer, but above all the company. CE is the key in building employer branding and has always been. At a time of the coronavirus pandemic, when a lot of people lost their jobs, plays a significant role.

read more Monday, 13.07.2020