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Remote working during the coronavirus pandemic in Poland and worldwide.

The coronavirus pandemic was officially declared by the WHO on 11 March 2020. Thus, many preventive measures have been taken to stop the spread of COVID-19. In practice, this means reorganization of the work of many companies both in Poland and worldwide. Remote working until recently was an opportunity that companies used to a greater or lesser extent. Some of them took advantage of this by completely trying to transform all the work of the organization into a remote one, others made it a privilege for the employees, and many companies simply did not even allow themselves to think about this possibility

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Obligatory sallary quoting in a job ads- where can it lead to?

I have been observing subsequent parliamentary proposals imposing the obligation on companies to publish gross remuneration or pay ranges in job advertisements. According to the new regulations, the state could fine businesses for not observing this obligation or overstating the amount of remuneration in their advertisements.For politicians, the matter seems simpler than reality. The problem is that there is no one good solution for all employers, just like in business there is no single model of operation for all organizations.

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Work-life Balance - facts and myths

Another day full of challenges ahead of you. In the morning, breakfast with the family, or more precisely, chasing children out to school. Then work. Theoretically, you should spend 8 effective hours in it, then close your laptop, turn your back, leave the office and, most importantly, free your thoughts from any business topics. Easier said than done, right?

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Alternative forms of employment in the context of the current market situation.

More and more often the reason for starting a new recruitment process are job vacancies, a multitude of tasks in a team or new projects to be implemented in an organization. As the current situation on the labour market shows, the form of employment depends on the needs of both the employer and the employee, depending on the sector in question. The number of available forms of employment that can be used is increasing and allows freedom of choice so that both the employer and the future employee are satisfied.

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How to prepare for changes in the organization?

Monday, day as usual. First thing in the morning you come to work and take a seat at your desk. Just when you're trying hard to get through the weekend tasks, your supervisor calls a departmental meeting. You don't think long. You rush in to take a good place and drink your first coffee of the day. However, the meeting turns out to stir emotions because you have just learned about the planned changes in your organization.

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How to build trust and transparency in a team?

You probably know how important trust is in everybody's life and how many problems arise from a the lack of it. What is trust? According to the PWN dictionary, it is a belief that someone's words, deeds or promises are true and that this person has specific skills and can use them properly. Business-wise, trust is first of all a relationship that is created between people who cooperate and it is on this basis that a decision is made about how long it will last and what effects it will bring.

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11 Facts about feedback you should know

# 1 What does "Feedback" mean? Feedback is a word derived from English. In practice, it is understood as any information that is given back, such as the assessment of a specific topic, commentary, sharing thoughts and giving opinions.

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How does the atmosphere at work affect the effectiveness of employees?

Suppose during your holiday on the Baltic Sea, you've made an appointment with your best friend who left for Tri-City for work six months ago. Google maps shows that you are a minute away from the cafe where you are supposed to meet. From a distance you can see a familiar face. You feel the growing excitement of such a long-awaited meeting. However, when you approach a cafe garden in which your friend is sitting, in front of you there is a tired and irritated person in a very bad mood. In the very first three sentences of his talk, you find out that he survived another day at work, and tomorrow he must return there again. Wondering how he can work in a place where the concept of a good working atmosphere does not exist?

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Employee experience - how to manage employee experience?

It is 13:00, unofficial lunch time at your company. You go to the kitchen, reheat the food prepared the night before and sit down at the table pulling out the phone out of habit. You log on LinkedIn and quickly scroll through the information displayed on the newsfeed. And then you suddenly see a very authentic and positive entry from a team from one of the leading companies in Poland. Wondering what it is like to work for such a company? This entry is a perfect example of the effect of caring for a positive employee experience in a company. Managing the experience of the company's most valuable resource – employees - is one of the factors that have a positive impact on the company's development.

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