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Benefits - what is worth knowing about them?

In today's human resources management, an important role is played by the non-financial benefits system, tailored to the diverse needs of employees, who differ not only in age, but also experience and motivation to work. The ability to approprietly motivate a team and respond to the needs of an individual is today a necessity which not only improves the employee's well-being, but also affects the efficiency of the business as a whole. Let's take a closer look then at the issue of bonus benefits which are one of the basic motivating tools. What do employers offer? What do employees expect? What pros and cons will this bring for both sides?

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A few comments from the RICG President Paulina Łączek- Ciećwierz on recruitment for specialist and managerial positions in the TSL industry for

Although the pandemic and lockdown have weakened the logistics and transport industry, the dynamically growing e-commerce in Poland and Europe may help in catching up. The industry is very cautious, it freezes investments and fights for liquidity - these movements clearly show the current business mood.

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HR trends in 2019

2019 is not just a change in the calendar. It is also a big change in the labor market and in recruitment practices. Companies that employ staff must be ready for intense search and recruitment companies will have to look into the future associated with artificial intelligence in HR. New trends in the industry are already quite visible.

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How to do well during an online job interview?

Job interviews in times of the pandemic take place mostly online via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex and many other platforms. The way a candidate prepares for an interview shows their respect for the potential employer. Therefore, it is worth remembering that both substantive and technical preparation (working equipment and the ability to operate the platform through which we connect), as well as neat appearance are very important. In fact, all the rules for a live job interview also apply online.

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How to answer questions about strengths and weaknesses?

At almost every job interview, this infamous question is finally asked - what are your strengths and weaknesses? It is difficult to answer it not only because it belongs to the group of uncomfortable questions. It turns out that actually very few people know how to give a good answer to it. Fortunately, we know the way and we come below to your aid.

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"Flexible forms of employment - inevitable?"

With a view to the digital future and the evolution of work towards remote working, project-focused work, multitasking - should the forms of employment be made more flexible? How to do that? These questions are answered, among others, by Paulina Łączek- Ciećwierz- CEO of RICG for

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3 ways to develop managerial staff

For many years, it has been emphasized that a manager is not supposed to be the boss, the manager is to be a leader and a partner. To make it possible, companies all over the world make every effort to hire the best qualified and fully professional people to fill senior management positions. Read what else you can do so that your managers are the best and willing to cooperate with the organization as long as possible.

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