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Using the Search & Selection method we carry out recruitment projects for mid-level managerial and specialist positions. We will help you reach the ideal candidates who are tailored to your needs. Recruitment is carried out tapping into various sources – we search through databases using specialized internet portals.


Executive Outplacement services are addressed to both the employer and the employee. The specialists from RICG will help you through the difficult process of restructuring in companies. Our experience, knowledge and care for people guarantee professional advice in the field of new employment opportunities and development of personal and managerial skills. At RICG we understand the needs of both parties and are therefore your best partner on the challenging job market.


At your request RICG will conduct Assessment Center and Development Center sessions. With the help of AC, we will help you choose the best candidate for the position indicated. Thanks to appropriate tests and tasks as well as professional observation and evaluation, we will check the level of competency and commitment of candidates. The DC session will be helpful in defining the development goals and career planning of your current and future employees.


Career Coaching
Use your time for success Career Coaching Use your time for success

We have created a career development support program to inspire you to take action to develop your career and find a job that will give you full satisfaction. Go step by step through the process of professional change which will be tailored to your individual needs.

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For more details, please contact us

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Language audit

The RICG team is well aware of the fact that the sale of products and services these days is not limited to the domestic market, but is directed to many countries around the world. Therefore, a multilingual employee makes an extremely valuable company resource. The possibility of establishing direct communication and business contacts as well as quick solution of problems influences the company's success today. RICG has prepared a number of language trainings that we adapt to the needs of our clients. Our offer includes: English for employees, German for employees, Russian for employees, Spanish for employees, and Italian for employees.

We believe that thanks to the knowledge of the language and culture of your contractors, the cooperation will be successful and your company will achieve international success.


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